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Stephen McClymont 

Painter, printmaker and writer Stephen McClymont received an MFA from the National Art School in Sydney, Australia. He later studied at the New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture,  was mentored by Robert Motherwell and worked as Joan Mitchell’s assistant both in New York and in France.  He has been actively involved in art education since 1976 having begun work as a teacher of painting and sculpture at the National Art School in Sydney Australia in the same year. In 1991 he was invited to join the faculty at Parsons the New School Paris were he was responsible for the design and realization of a syllabus for the third year painting studio. Between 2000 and 2002 he was invited (as ‘Visiting Scholar’) to design and teach a course for the Fine Arts Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder USA. In 2002 he resumed his position as professor at Parsons Paris.  Since 2010 he has worked as senior professor at Paris College of Art. From 1981-1985 he carried out a series of tape-recorded interviews with famous artists in the New York art world including: Robert Motherwell, Joan Mitchell, George Segal, Milton Resnick and others, for a book, titled, ‘Memory and Imagination’

Stephen McClymont has presented over one hundred exhibitions of his art works, both solo and group, in Sydney, Brisbane, New York, Greenwich CT. Chicago, Paris, Athens, London and Berlin. His art works have represented his country on three separate occasions inaugurating the openings of Australian Embassies in Washington D.C., Berlin and Paris.  In 2013 he collaborated with the avant-garde theatre director Robert Wilson to produce ‘Encounters’ featuring painting, sound and film a multidisciplinary art project that focuses on the translation into other art forms the pictorial spaces Robert Wilson creates in his work. In 2014 artists: John Baldessari, Alex Katz, Albert Oehlan and Chuck Close together with art writer and former Dean of Fine Art at Yale, Robert Storr collaborated with him on his book ‘Behind Memory’. Stephen McClymont’s art work explores the codes and possibilities of a pictorial language inherited from a Abstract Expressionist platform, while examining the boundaries between representation and abstraction. The well-known art historian Dore Ashton has called McClymont’s paintings “pivotal expressions in the domain of painting”. 

Stephen McClymont lives in Paris and divides his time between Paris and Greece.



2012 Arts Arena, University Americian Paris

2011 Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos, Paris

2010 Meyer Residence, Greenwich CT USA

2009 Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Chicago

2008 Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos, Paris

2007 Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos, Paris

2006 Philip Bacon Galleries. Brisbane Australia

2006 Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos, Paris

2005 Philip Bacon Galleries, Australia

2005 Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos, Paris, France

2004 Galerie Beckel‐Odille‐Boicos, Paris, France

2002 Lydon Fine Art. Chicago, U.S.A.

2002 Philip Bacon Galleries. Australia.

2001 Galerie. Beckel‐Odille‐Boicos, Paris, France

2000 Australian Embassy, Berlin, Germany

2000 Lydon Fine Art. Chicago, USA

1999 Australian Embassy, Washington D.C

1999 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

1998 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

1997 Southern Vermont Art Center, Vermont, U.S.A

1997 Galerie Toft. Paris, France

1997 The Australian Book Shop, Paris

1996 Villa Radet, Paris

1994 Cité International des Arts, Paris

1992 Parsons Gallery, Paris

1990 Villa Radet, Paris

1990 Princeton Paris Research, Paris

1989 Galerie Jean‐Pierre Haik, Paris

1987 Cité International des Arts, Paris

1987 Australian Embassy, Paris

1983 Gallery Hydrohoos. Athens, Greece

1977 Rex Irwin Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1975 Hogarth Galleries, Sydney Australia


SELECTED Group Exhibitions


2013 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

          Galerie Beckel Odile Boicos, Paris, France

2012 Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2011 Galry, Paris, France

2010 Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2010 Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos Paris, France

2009 Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2008 Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos,Paris, France

2008 Philip Bacon Galleries, Australia

2007 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2007 Parsons School of Design, Paris, France

2006 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2006 Galerie Beckel‐Odille‐Boicos, Paris, France

2005 Lydon Fine Art Chicago, USA

2004 Galerie Beckel‐Odille‐Boicos, Paris, France

2004 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2003 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2003 Philip Bacon Galleries, Australia

2003 Galerie Beckel‐Odille‐Boicos, Paris, France

2002 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2002 Company Art Works, Houston, Texas, USA

2002 Galerie Beckel‐Odille‐Boicos, Paris, France

2002 Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane, Australia

2001 Absolut Vodka, ‘Absolut Secret’ Espace Tajan, Paris, France

2001 Parsons School of Design, Paris, France

2001 Galerie Beckel‐Odille‐Boicos, Paris, France

2000 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

2000 New York Studio School, Curated by Irving Sandler, NY, USA

1999 New York Studio School, Alumni show, NY, USA

1999 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

1998 Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, USA

1998 Parsons School, ‘Faculty Show’, NY, USA

1998 St. Stephens College, Rome, Italy


1997 New York Studio School, curated by Dore Ashton, NY, New York

1996 Salon du ‘TRAIT’, Paris, France

1996 New York Studio School, NY, USA

1995 Cité International des Arts, ‘Arts Graphic’, Paris, France

1995 Parsons School of Design, Paris, France

1995 Musée Adzac, Paris, France

1994 Salon du ‘TRAIT’, Paris, France

1994 Cite International des Arts, Paris, France

1992 Parsons School of Design, NY, USA

1992 Cité International des Arts, Paris, France

1992 Chambre de Commerce des Etats Unis, Paris, France

1991  Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

1990 Cité International des Arts, Paris, France

1990 Salon du ‘TRAIT’, Paris, France

1990 Biennial d’Arts Graphiques de Saint-Maur, Musée de Ville Medicis, Saint Maur, France

1989 Thomson Gallery, New York

1989 XXI International Festival of Painting, Cagnes sur Mer

1989 Hommage to Shakespeare, Cercle de l’Union Interalliée, Paris

1988 Cité International des Arts, Paris

1988 Vente Exceptionalle des Tableaux et Sculptures des Années 50 à 87, Rambouillet, France

1988 Galerie Galise. Thonon‐les‐Bain, France

1987 Cité International des Arts, Paris, France

1985 Gallery Hydrohoos, Athens, Greece

1983 Judith Selkowitz Fine Arts, NY, USA

1980 New York Studio School, NY, USA

1977 Rex Irwin Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1976 Rex Irwin Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1975 Rex Irwin Gallery, Sydney, Australia




2005 Artist in Residence. Vermont Studio Center. Vermont USA

2000 Teaching Fellowship. Parsons School of Design. Paris

1986 Artist Studio Award Cite Internationale des Arts. Paris France

1980 Sony Corporation Donation Grant. Sony Corporation. Sony New York. New York

1979 Traveling Scholarship. New York Studio School. New York

1974 Scholarship Study. National Art School Sydney. Australia

1973 Audio Research Scholarship. ‘Revox’ Corporation. ‘Revox’ Sydney, Australia


2010 - present  Member College Art Accociation. New York.

1991 - present Senior Teacher, Parsons School of Design, France

2010 - present Private teaching painting and print making instruction, France

2001 - 2003 Visiting Scholar, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

2000 - 2001 Master Printer of Lithography, Ville de Paris, France

1976 - 1978 Painting teacher National Art School, Sydney, Australia





Stephen McClymont is the author of ‘Memory and Imagination’ a manuscript in preparation for publication featuring the transcripts from tape‐recorded interviews carried out with leading figures in Contemporary art, including: Robert Motherwell, George Segal, Alex Katz, Milton Resnick, Chuck Close, Joan Mitchell, John Baldessari and Philip Pearlstein.



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2001 Stephen McClymont‐ Photographs. Stephen McClymont catalogue essay. Paris, France

2001 Stepheh McClymont – Paintings. By Fredderic Pousin. Paris, France

2000 L’Ecluse’ a poem dedicated to the paintings of Stephen McClymont by Gregoire Lavollay‐Porter illustrated by Stephen McClymont. Paris, France

2000 Stephen McClymont by U.B.Klein. Berliner Morgenpost, editorial review, Berlin, Germany

2000 In Australien an der FriedrichstraBe Pa. Berliner Kurier, editorial review, Berlin, Germany



2000 ‘The Puzzle’ by Stephen McClymont catalogue containing one painting in a puzzle, Paris, France

1999 Stephen McClymont at the Embassy. Catalogue essay by Matthew Gledhill at the time of the exhibition presented at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC, USA

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1996 'Stephen McClymont’ editorial for the ‘Foundation Colas’ (Collection catalogue). Paris, France

1996 ‘Stephen McClymont’ by Ann Cremin ‘Arti’ review magazine on the international art scene, Athens/Paris


Acknowledgements / Biographies


Dore Ashton

Dore Ashton (born in 1928, Newark, New Jersey) is a writer, professor and critic of modern and contemporary art. She is the author or editor of more than thirty books on art, has contributed to many publications and worked as an art critic at the New York Times. Ashton has received numerous awards, including Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships in 1963 and 1969, the Frank J. Mather Award for art criticism from the College Art Association in 1963 and a Ford Foundation Award in 1965. Ashton is a professor of art history at the Cooper Union in New York and a senior critic in painting and printmaking at Yale. Ashton received an M.A. from Harvard University.

Peter Blake

Peter Blake (born 1952) is a freelance writer and art critic based in New York.

Eleana Murry

Eleena Murry is a poet and independent writer and art critic.


Daniel Beckel

Daniel Beckel is a lawyer, gallery owner and art collector.

David Malouf

David Malouf (born in 1934, Brisbane, Australia) is an Australian writer. Malouf is the author of novels, collections of short stories, poetry and non‐fiction. He was awarded the Neustadt International Prize for Literature in 2000, his 1993 novel Remembering Babylon won the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 1996, he won the inaugural Australia‐Asia Literary Award in 2008, and he was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.


Deborah J. Haynes, PhD

is Professor of Art and Art History at the University of Colorado Boulder, former Chair of the department from 1998‐2002, and founding Director of a residential academic program in the visual and performing arts from 2003‐2011. Haynes is the author of several books on the arts and has contributed many publications to art periodicals.